Kristin Kitrel


Kristin is the Human Resources Specialist here at CPAY Staffing & Recruiting. She started her career in HR in January 2022 after four years in the education field as a Assistant Director. Kristin is always striving to obtain new knowledge in business and leadership. She specializes in growth development within finances, credit and careers.

Kristin is a engaged and mother of 3. While not at work, her family is very active with sports. They all love playing sports, going to sporting events or watching them on TV. Family is a large part of her life and she tries to enjoy the time and the memories she can create with them all. She is currently finishing up her degree in Business Administration. In hopes to transfer to Lindenwood University to continue her education and obtain a Human Resource Management degree. 



“I just started with CPAY not too long ago. I had questions about how payroll works and ’”

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